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unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of facility management services, including MEP, HVAC, cleaning, security, manpower, pest control, landscaping, and planning services. Our end-to-end solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that all aspects of their facility management needs are taken care of by a single trusted partner.

Integrated Facility Management

Max Star Facility Management LLC is a leading provider of integrated facility management solutions in the UAE. We specialize in MEP, HVAC, cleaning, security, manpower outsourcing, pest control, and landscaping services, delivering end-to-end solutions to meet all your facility management needs. With a team of seasoned experts, we strive to optimize facility performance, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of the working environment for our clients.

  1. MEP Services – Max Star provides mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services that help to maintain the quality and functionality of your building’s systems. Our experts are experienced in managing HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, and fire protection systems. We offer preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and emergency repair services to ensure that your systems are always running smoothly.

  2. HVAC Services – Max Star’s HVAC services are designed to optimize the performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our team of experts provides installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure that your HVAC systems are functioning efficiently and effectively. We also offer energy management solutions that help to reduce your energy costs and improve the indoor air quality of your building.

  3. Cleaning Services – Max Star provides a comprehensive range of cleaning services that ensure that your building is always clean and hygienic. Our cleaning services include floor care, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and deep cleaning services. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your building is always clean and presentable.

  4. Security Services – Max Star’s security services help to protect your building and its occupants. We provide security personnel, access control systems, CCTV systems, and alarm systems to ensure that your building is secure. Our security personnel are trained to handle emergencies and ensure the safety of everyone in the building.

  5. Manpower Outsourcing – Max Star provides skilled and unskilled manpower services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our manpower services include office support staff, technical staff, and general labor. We provide both temporary and permanent manpower solutions to meet the specific requirements of your business.

  6. Pest Control – Max Star’s pest control services are designed to ensure that your building is free from pests. We use environmentally friendly pest control solutions that are safe for humans and pets. Our pest control services include inspection, treatment, and prevention services.

  7. Space Planning & Design – Transform your space with our expert design and planning services! From residential homes to commercial installations, our team offers everything from landscaping to interior design, fit-out contracting, and renovations. Our services include design, installation, and maintenance of gardens, lawns, and renovations of indoor & outdoor spaces. We also provide planning services that help to optimize the use of your building’s space.

MEP Services

Key Features

  • All Types of Mechanical Repair
  • Plumbing & Drainage Works
  • Complete Electrical Solutions

Max Star Facility Management LLC is a leading provider of MEP services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our MEP services include complete electrical solutions, plumbing and drainage works. We focus on improvement and repairs to ensure that your building’s systems are always functioning at their best.

Our team of highly qualified and technically experienced professionals includes supervisors and technicians who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and reliable results. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your MEP systems are always up-to-date and running efficiently. Whether you require preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, or emergency repair services, Max Star Facility Management LLC has got you covered.

HVAC Services

Key Features

  • 24/7 Services
  • Professional Technicians
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Installation & Replace
  • Service & Repairs

At Max Star Facility Management LLC, we understand the importance of having a reliable HVAC system in the hot climate of the UAE. That’s why we offer a complete range of HVAC services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals provides AC servicing, repairing, and maintenance to ensure that your AC units are always functioning at their best, delivering maximum output as per your requirement. We also offer complete handyman solutions for your commercial and residential needs, with a primary niche in the installation, repair, and maintenance of complex electronics and machines.

Our HVAC services include air conditioning services, air conditioning maintenance, air conditioning replacement, air-conditioning installation, heating services, heating maintenance, heating replacement, heating installation, and 24-hour emergency services.

We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your HVAC systems are always up-to-date and running efficiently. Whether you require preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, or emergency repair services, Max Star Facility Management LLC has got you covered.

Cleaning Services

Key Features

  • Weekly & Monthly Cleaning
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • Professional Housekeeping

Home & Office | Convenient & Affordable Services

  • House Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Maid Service
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Curtain Cleaning

At Max Star Facility Management LLC, we believe that a clean environment is essential to the health and well-being of everyone who inhabits it. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services that are convenient, affordable, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

From house cleaning to office cleaning, deep cleaning to maid service, sofa cleaning to carpet cleaning, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our highly trained and experienced staff are equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure that your space is spotless, sanitized, and disinfected.

We offer weekly and monthly cleaning services to ensure that your space stays clean and healthy all year round. Our professional housekeeping services take care of all your cleaning needs so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a fresh and clean environment.

At Max Star Facility Management LLC, we are committed to providing quality cleaning services at an affordable price. Our team of experts works tirelessly to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Our services are not just limited to residential cleaning; we also provide commercial cleaning services that keep your workspace clean and organized. Whether you need carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, or curtain cleaning, we have the expertise to handle it all.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning service provider in Dubai and Sharjah, look no further than Max Star Facility Management LLC.

Security Services

Key Features

  • Preventive measure with experienced professional
  • Worry free on demand
  • Transparent Approach
  • Security Consultancy

Max Star Facility Management LLC provides top-notch security services that are intelligence-led and technology-driven. With our deep expertise and state-of-the-art systems, we create safe and secure environments for our clients. We offer a wide range of integrated, risk-based security solutions, including lone worker protection, guarding, fire and security systems, mobile security, and more. By using intelligence and technology, we ensure the efficient and effective use of resources, delivering the best results for our clients’ security solutions.

Our complete suite of security services includes manned guarding, surveillance, CCTV installation, and monitoring to ensure that your premises are secure at all times. From shopping malls to offices, homes, hospitals, and events, we specialize in securing a wide range of environments. Our highly trained security personnel and cutting-edge technology ensure that we can identify and address potential security risks proactively.

We focus on intelligence-led solutions and the best use of technology means we can deliver effective and efficient security services that are customized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our people are equipped with actionable intelligence to deliver effective security solutions, and our commitment to data-driven insights ensures that our clients receive the most relevant and up-to-date information about our security operations.

Trust Max Star Facility Management LLC to provide the most comprehensive and reliable security solutions for your business or personal needs. With our emphasis on meaningful insights, technology-driven solutions, and highly trained security personnel, you can rest assured that your premises are secure and your assets are protected.

Manpower Outsource

Key Features

  • Reduced cost
  • Fast hiring process
  • Better talent quality
  • Analytics & reporting
  • 100% compliance
  • Trained & skilled sourcing
  • Legal Documentation incl. Visa & Work Permit

Max Star Facility Management LLC offers a top-quality manpower outsourcing service with a focus on reducing costs and increasing the quality of talent. With our fast hiring process and trained and skilled sourcing, we provide 100% compliance and legal documentation, including visa and work permits. Our analytics and reporting give clients visibility and control over their workforce, while our approach ensures that personnel are recruited to their specific needs.

We support a wide range of industries, including construction, facilities management, aviation, hospitality, and retail, with a particular emphasis on the hospitality industry. Our highly trained personnel, including front-of-house staff, cleaners, housekeepers, and food and beverage workers, meet the needs of this industry.

Our clients receive end-to-end HR outsourcing solutions across the entire employment lifecycle. We provide reliable and flexible staffing solutions that help them increase efficiency and focus on their core business. With our exclusive capabilities, we support all industries and professions. Trust us to deliver top-quality manpower outsourcing solutions for your business needs.

Pest Control

Key Features

  • Effective Results
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Residential &  Commercial Services
  • Organic and Green Pesticides
  • Service expertise
  • Tailored pricing
  • Ability to respond quickly

We provide services to control

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Bed Bugs
  • Snakes
  • Scorpions
  • Termites
  • Birds
  • Ants
  • Crawling Insects

Max Star Facility Management LLC is your professional and reliable partner for effective pest control services, catering to both residential and commercial clients. We specialize in guaranteed quality, tailored pricing, and swift responsiveness to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive pest control services encompass a wide range of pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, snakes, scorpions, termites, birds, ants, and crawling insects. Our expert pest control operatives are highly knowledgeable and experienced in communicating with customers, handling waste safely, and using the most effective methods to manage pests.

We prioritize the use of organic and green pesticides that are safer for children and pets, possess a new and softer fragrance, and provide rapid knockdown/kill and residual protection. Our team understands that effective pest control is not limited to placing baits or traps and using insecticides, but also requires a holistic approach that factors in other considerations to manage pests successfully.

At Max Star Facility Management LLC, we offer safe and sustainable solutions to meet your pest control needs, while providing utmost care and diligence when handling chemicals. Our team is continuously trained to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions, and we offer flexible pricing tailored to your specific requirements. Let us handle all your pest control needs, and you can trust us to do it efficiently and effectively.

Space Planning & Design

Transform your space with Max Star Facility Management LLC’s Space Planning & Design Services. With our years of experience, in-house team of innovative, skilled, creative, and highly trained professionals is dedicated to making your property look classy on time, within budget, and to your specifications. Our team of architects, designers, engineers, and skilled tradesmen provide creative design solutions that are flawlessly executed to perfection and fulfill your dreams, setting a “Milestone” in your life.

We specialize in maximizing your comfort and are responsible for all the details, from governmental approvals to handing over your keys. Our scope of services includes both residential and commercial functions. We are experts at maximizing the use of space in a property, giving you a feeling of expanse through intelligent Space Planning. We create designs that upgrade your living experience and add significant value to your assets.

Max Star Facility Management LLC specializes in commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality interior fit-outs. Our team provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of our clients, creating indoor settings that connect, inspire, and fascinate people. Combining artistic interpretation, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technology, we have an established track record of delivering the best results, even when we face extremely complex deadlines.

Our services include:

  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Fitout Contracting
  • Renovations & Remodelling

Our projects span across various industries and types, including villa interior design, fit-out services for villas, apartments, offices, and restaurants, landscape and exterior design, hotel interior design, retail fit-out services, villa renovation, beauty salon, restaurant design and fit-out, living room design, manufacturing and fixing curtains, joinery, dressing room design, office design and commercial fit-out, hospital and clinic fit-out, sauna and hamam design, kitchen and bathroom design, flooring design, public space design, marble supply, fixing, polishing, and laser engraving, home cinema design, bedroom and children’s room design, dining room design, architecture, majlis interior design, master planning, and king art stone.

Upgrade your space and transform your life with Max Star Facility Management LLC’s Space Planning & Design Services. Contact us today to discuss your project needs.

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